Why I Dare To Blossom?

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In 2003, I had a nervous breakdown following the dissolution of my parents’ marriage. While receiving medical attention in one of the renowned psychiatry hospitals in my country, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. With this diagnoses came the feeling of rejection, hopelessness, and a victim mentality.

Soon after leaving the hospital, I began searching the web to gain more insight into the illness and discover how persons living with it were coping. I realized that in the western world, people were more confident to share their bipolar stories, but back home in Nigeria, I could hardly find anyone who was sharing their experience with the intention of encouraging others! This puzzled me because, each time I go for my hospital appointments, I encounter people from all walks of life, some come for medication, others for the routine appointments with their doctors. When I relate to them, I realize that some are coping well but have not gotten over the victim mentality nor overcome the stigma associated with mental health treatment and Bipolar in particular.
This was how, I dare to Blossom was conceived.  

I dare to Blossom is a platform that advocates that; ‘the potential and life of the bipolar patient should not be truncated because of the limitations associated with the illness. It advocates that, with proper medication, counsel, and support, the bipolar patient can live fulfilled, without stigma and mental imbalance.’
I dare to Blossom is a platform that advocates that; everyone, irrespective of their mental health status should be loved, accepted and given an opportunity to thrive.

About Precious A. Emodamori
I am a focused, energetic and enthusiastic individual who views the gift of life as an opportunity not to be wasted. I see the gift of life as a opportunity to positively impact the world with the best part of me. As a Theatre Arts graduate who is intrigued by technology, I derive great pleasure from serving. This prompts me to give my best in all I do. Presently, I work as a Social Media Strategists/ Website Content Manager for some of Africa’s leading brands.
I live life maximally with Jesus as my Savior, my Enabler and Encourager. I am privileged to be married to my friend and partner, Reuben S. Emodamori and we are blessed with two beautiful children.

My Name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a Full Life

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