Take Control!

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I know when my natural being wants to give expression. I know how it wants to vent and really say it as it 'feels'. I know that this can lead to self-inflicted pain after the scene.  I know that there is nothing in it to  inspire someone else so I try to resist  it. Taking control isn't an easy task. Taking  control requires all your senses to be alert and a deliberate mindfulness to do the right thing.

Take control. 

Take control by constantly improving your character. 

By being committed to becoming a better version of yourself.

By asking the Holy Spirit to help you.

By asking for help from your support team

By acknowledging you strength and weaknesses and forging a way to survive the bad times that amplify your weaknesses. 

By being in charge of your life 

By controlling your spirit.

Take control. 

You can.

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life.

The Mentality of Mental Health// Mental Health Month 2019

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Most people hardly view difficult times in terms of the impact it makes on them mentally. For such people, mental health conversations are over rated and mental health survivors may just be exaggerating or seeking attention.
I beg to differ.

Mental health is important. As long as you have a brain and a the nervous system,  you have mental health. Mental health is not a taboo word and should  not be treated as such.

If you are facing a difficult phase of life please don't be afraid to seek professional help. Speak to a trained counsellor or to a trusted confident. Speak to God. Tell God how you feel and ask for His help.

If you do not feel like talking about it, it's okay. When you are in  the mood to speak up please do. Life is meaningful when you have a peaceful mind. Speaking up can help you gain a better perspective about your situation, and that in the long run can rekindles hope where hope is lost.

Cheer up!
Please do not give up!