Mental Health Awareness Month || Reduce Mental Health Stigma by being Productively Engaged

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Dear Mental Health Warrior/Survivor,

It is my firm belief that depression and all those things that plague the mind will be stranded, that is; they will not have an opportunity to fest on our minds or gain access into or lives if we are productively and proactively engaged.

So get productively engaged! By working with your gift and maintaining your mental health, you are reducing mental health stigma in your own way. By identifying your strength and in born natural abilities to add value to the society, you are creating an empowering narrative for persons who live with a mental health diagnosis.

I believe that we all have something unique to offer. Being diagnosed with a mental illness doesn’t reduce your value; it only presents an opportunity for you to rise above the limitations, develop your gifts and use them to serve humanity. If you are consistent in doing this, you are on the way to creating a source of livelihood for yourself. The good thing about having a source of livelihood as someone who lives with a mental health diagnosis is that, you can afford your medications, hospital appointments and other necessaries of life. Another advantage is that you are better equipped to manage more responsibilities and you earn respect which in turn boosts your self-esteem.
I know that as a mental health survivor/warrior, one question on your mind as you read this will be, 'I do I secure a job?' Please read Can Disclosing Your Mental Health Status Prevent You From Getting A Decent Job?

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