Why are you scared of climbing?

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Why are you scared of climbing? Consume your gifts, grow and earn a living. If this is going to work for you, you must first of all determine, ‘what is your gift?’ What are you good for? What can you do? What brings you joy and satisfaction? What are you passionate about, ie, what can you keep doing even though you are not paid for it?
I have a gift of service. For me, social media/ content management are a gift also. I love to serve. It gives me great satisfaction. So I’m usually sold out when I get involved in a project. That’s me. That’s how I came from the factory. That’s how I was made! But you see, I’m fast realising that my hobby would have to transition into a template that can pay my bills. It does have to be an overwhelming amount, still, no matter what, I try to earn by my gift. You too should. God’s word says in Proverbs 18:16, (KJV)

“A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men…”

 I take this to mean that, ‘your gift is enough to sustain you in the season that you are in.’ I dare you to think deeply about this.
Recognise your gift and use it. It will make a huge difference in how you perceive yourself. But if you settle for self-pity because of a mental health diagnosis, that’s sad, because you can be all that you were ordained to be. Stop being ordinary. Do something extra-ordinary.
Do something outstanding within the boundaries of a positive mental health. Consume your gift and let it generate a living for you.

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life.

Cry, if you must, but Fear Not and Stand still

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When you are faced with diverse and intense trials, it is natural to be overwhelmed. Whether you admit it or not, trials make us to reach out. To reach out to our inner self and to search for an answer, trials make us to reach out to God in Faith. Imagine a scenario of someone drowning, it is inevitable that he reaches out, cries out with all the strength he can muster and pray for help!
This morning I woke up with Exodus 14 on my mind. Last week Thursday at the Discipleship class, Bidemi Mark-Mordi, the teacher, taught extensively on Exodus 14. My walk away was, 


'Cry, if you must, but Fear Not and Stand still’

 Sista B, as we call her, reminded us that it is okay to cry. It is okay to be afraid as long as we recognize that we must FEAR NOT and STAND after the crying and the being afraid, ‘we must fear not and stand still’ to see the salvation of the Lord (the help and deliverance that the Lord will bring our way).
I am a person of Faith. I believe firmly in the person of the Lord Jesus. I believe in the LORD. I believe in the Holy Spirit. I know without a shadow of doubt, that God is able to use my circumstances, pleasant and unpleasant for his purpose to ensure that He is glorified and that I am fine at the end of the day. No wonder, Romans 8: 28 says ‘…all (not some) things work together for good for those that love God and that are called according to His purpose.’
What the children of Israel were faced with - the red sea in front, Pharaoh behind, and they at the middle - is not different from all those overwhelming situations life unfolds sometimes. Think of is, you need a constant dose of hope and encouragement to keep living. Sometimes this encouragement comes from our relationships, work, successful projects accomplished, to say the least. For me, my greatest source of encouragement is in God’s presence. In His presence, I read, study and meditate on his words. Some days, I don’t even get the opportunity to read my bible, but I can think on what I read previously and apply to my day!
I know that there are some dark sides to managing ones’ mental health, and life’s tough blows that we all will rather not talk about or publish. Still, God’s word, in Exodus 14:13-14 should encourage you. It should encourage you the way it did this morning as I woke up.
They cried in fear, as death stared them in their face. And God's word says,
“...Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you today: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen today, ye shall see them again no more forever.
The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.”
Every day has in it the salvation of the Lord. Put differently every day has in it, its own solution and help that God has loaded into it. So when you feel overwhelmed don’t hesitate to ask the Lord for help. Ask the Lord to help you see His perspective, give you the needed strength to keep going and the courage to remain firm on what is true noble and just. My prayer is that today, you will see and receive God’s help as you fear not and stand still.
My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life.
·       ‘Cry, if you must, but Fear Not and Stand still’: an excerpt from Discipleship Class taught by Bidemi Mark-Mordi. You can find her on Facebook and join her every Thursday by 9: 45 am WAT for an intense and detailed bible study session. We started from Genesis chapter 1 now at Exodus 14. You can also follow her on twitter @bidemimarkmordi to read live tweets as the class unfolds every Thursday.
·         Scriptures are taken from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.
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With the Founder, She Writes Woman Foundation
The popular Nigerian belief when you mention mental health is a picture of an individual who has lost the ability to coordinate the mind. Words like, 'kolo', 'mental', 'crazy', 'mental case', ‘kolo mental’ and many others are commonly used to describe a mentally ill person who is experiencing psychosis. My experience in managing my mental health as a Nigerian, gives me all the motivation I need to keep talking about mental health issues with the hope that my contribution will in the long run, change the narrative of mental health in Nigeria. I look forward to the day, when persons who has been diagnosed with mental health conditions, would talk freely about their mental health journey without the fear of stigma or rejection. This is the reason why She Writes Woman in collaboration with the Wiki Loves Women initiative presented the two-day creative workshop, Mental Health in Nigerian Women: Taking back the Narrative.
Doing a research on a topic
Taking back the narrative of mental health in Nigeria requires the collaborative efforts of every member of the society; it is not something we can leave to chance or to governmental policies.  Wikipedia, the web-based encyclopaedia, played her part in Lagos this week by creating an opportunity for members of the society to research on mental health and upload accurate information about mental health in Nigerian women. The founder of She Writes woman, Hauwa Ojeifo is playing her part, by creating a safe place for women managing mental health conditions in Nigeria. I am doing my part by writing this piece and committing to sharing my mental health journey with the world. You are playing a part by reading this and possibly sharing with the people around you! So you see, changing the narrative of mental health in Nigeria is not a ‘one man thing’. We need each other’s' voice. Together, we are stronger.
Still on collaborative efforts, can you recall how different organisations and individuals in Nigeria stood up against the stigma of the HIV/AIDS virus in the early 90s? Presently, I believe that Nigeria records fewer stigma cases around people living with the virus because of the mass media education about the virus that is being circulated.

Tobiloba Ajayi, the Nigerian, female Lawyer, Author and Disability advocate I met at the event further buttressed the need to speak up and own our stories. In her words, “If we don’t, other people will take our stories and tell it the way they want”.
The strength of a story is in its pain. The strongest stories come from the toughest pain.

The strength of a story is in its journey.  Own your story and write it well by living beyond the pain, and deliberately choosing to see the brighter side of your situation. You need staying power to do this. May God’s grace be lavishly unleashed on us to tell our stories with boldness, accuracy and impact.
Till the next post, always remember that your story is unique and you bring something to the table by sharing and positively impacting others with it.

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full Life.


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It is often said that, ‘love your neighbour as yourself’, but sometimes I wonder if it is possible to love your neighbour more than yourself! Is it possible? Is it possible to love, sacrifice, serve, and give another priority over oneself? Is it really possible to seek another person’s joy and comfort and put yourself in the back burner? Is it healthy?

Elizabeth Svoboda, a science writer and author, in an article - ‘Selflessness…or Self Sabotage?’ posted on psychologytoday.com - affirms that, “…there is such a thing as being too selfless.”
Being too selfless could be destructive to your mental health, especially if you have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. The point is not to stop every act of kindness or generosity, but rather to be conscious of exaggerated acts of kindness and to ensure a balance. If like me, you struggle to buy yourself a piece of literature you love but find it easy to give the money meant for buying it as a gift of benevolence, then you are not loving yourself enough! Come to think of it, loving your neighbor when you have not loved yourself can be interpreted as an eye service or an act of displaced priority.
So here I was, standing face to face with, Americanah, a novel by Chimanda Ngozi Adiche, a writer that I admire. Previously, I had read, Half of a Yellow Sun and Purple Hibiscus, and I was excited when I read the previews for Americana. Four years after, it is published, I’m standing right in front of it, struggling to make a decision to buy it! I struggled so bad that I had to send a Whatsapp to my Sista Support to say, ‘I am tempted to buy this book Sis. I have the cash with me but it feels as if I’m wasting the money. Please tell me it is okay to buy and that I’m not wasting money rather, I’m giving myself a treat!’
Funny as it sounds, sometimes that’s my way of ensuring balance! What’s your way of ensuring balance? Please share with me. I would love to learn from you.
What I learned from my experience?

1)    I am deserving. You are deserving. Free your mind of all those self-accusations and guilt feelings. Learn to enjoy your moments.

2)    I need to give myself treats more often. It is a healthy practice for my mental health. It doesn’t have to be my birthday, wedding anniversary or the children’s birthday celebration, every day is special, so I must treat it specially and show myself more love.

3)    Having a prompt and reliable support is priceless. My Sista Support runs a very busy schedule but she ALWAYS makes time for me! I know I’m blessed. And you too are blessed! Invest in your relationships, nurture them. If you do, you would be amazed at the benefits of having the right support.

Till the next post, stay focused, show yourself some love and keep blossoming…

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a Full life.
Some days, a Selfie
is all I have to show
myself some love! LOL!


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Welcome to another year. It's not just another year, it's Year 2017, the year we all have been waiting eagerly to transition into. Now that we have arrived, it is critical that we never forget that, life is unfolded in moments. A moment lost is lost forever. Manage your moments. You know how you tell yourself, ‘I can’t do this now because this and that is not available….or when the time comes, I will do this?’ Truth is, the best time to start is now. There will never be a day when the time will stand still waiting for you. Life is constantly on a move. Question is, are you?

I have several ‘legitimate’ excuses to wait and flow with my circumstances, but in pursuit of a meaningful life and in living a full life, each day, I’m intentionally living irrespective of my limitations. Some days are cool; you wake up excited with a clear sense of what to do next. Some days, there’s the feeling of despair to deal with before any meaningful work is done. Other days, you just have to deal with the voice within and tell yourself that you have enough strength to keep going, whatever the scenario, remember that life is unfolded in moments and moments are created each day. So be intentional about the things you want to achieve this year. It’s a fresh start. Leave the sad memories and unpleasant thoughts that put you down where they belong in the past and start now.

Start smiling again. Start your medication again. Start your hospital appointments again. Start exercising again. Start that healthy meal plan again. Start singing again. Start writing again, start reading again; start living and not just existing. Start again. Nothing good comes on a silver platter. Managing your mental health is not different. You need to take purposeful steps towards making this year a crisis-free year for you.

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life