Grace and Mercy

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December 25, 2016, was a memorable Christmas Day Celebration for me. I woke up excited. The fact that I was celebrating Christmas far away from my loved ones did not dilute my Joy. I was joyful because I realised that I will forever remain a debtor to God in the area of thanksgiving. Or, tell me, how do you thank God enough for the air you breathe in and out so effortlessly? How do you appreciate Him enough for keeping you in sound health, in my case, mental, physical and spiritual, all through the year? Let me share a short story to buttress what Im saying.

Like I said in my last, post, in August, I found myself in a depressed state and had to update my medication. But I did not share with you how I found out in September, that I was pregnant. Excited and confused at the same time, I decided to embrace the new status and began the countdown to 9 months. Then in the Last week of October, we moved houses. And Gbam! Like magic, I saw blood. The bleeding started on a Thursday in the first week of November and didnt stop till the following Friday. I had to visit the Hospital to get an excavation done. The pain of the procedure was nothing to be compared to the pain in my heart.  To be honest, I felt very sad. So sad.  Losing the pregnancy was like losing a part of me I was in love with. Just when it was my turn to be attended to, an emergency case was rushed in. The Lady had just had a baby, but she was having life-threatening complications and was referred. In the process of fulfilling the registration requirements, while the doctor examined her file, we heard a loud cry from the ambulance. The Lady had given up the ghost. She was gone. It hit me like a bolt of thunder.

Here I was, sobbing silently over the loss of an early pregnancy, while the woman, had the baby, but lost the chance to live. For one split second, I saw how ungrateful I was to God. God, who had kept me through two previous pregnancies and ensured a safe delivery each time, God, who blessed me with a husband in the first place and who keeps our children in perfect health. What did I do differently to deserve the Life that God gives me? Nothing. Its all a function of Gods grace. The grace of God makes the Difference. Gods Mercy which is renewed every morning makes the difference.

If you still feel like there is nothing to thank God for then please thank God on my behalf. Thank Him for keeping me safe. If you cant recall all the things that God has done for you this year, then please thank Him for His Grace and Mercy. Hebrew 4: 16 say, let us come boldly into His presence where we obtain grace and find mercy in time of need.

Are you in a needy situation? Irrespective of your current situation, approach God boldly. Thank Him for His grace and Mercy and ask Him for a fresh measure of His grace and Mercy for 2017.

My Name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a Full Life.

Prayer/ Worship
Eseee Baba, Mowa dupe ooo,
Eseee Baba Mowa yin O ooo
{Kiniun Eya Judah 
Ema se O ooo Baba...} X2

Thank you Daddy, I have come to thank You
Thank you Daddy, I have come to Praise You
{The Lion of Judah 
Thank You very much, Daddy.} X2  

Lord, thank you. I am one of the ones, who have come to say thank you. Thank you for your grace and Mercy. Thank you for your constant love for humanity.


Hebrews 4:16 English Standard Version (ESV)
Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Why I can’t Stop Praising HIM

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God made way for Temitope
In January 2016, I spent a lot of time in the hospital with our son. The Doctor said he had a fever. So they got him admitted, and the injections, medication, and monitoring began. Then, he was nineteen months old. It was heartbreaking to me as I watched him go through the pain of getting the IVF fixed on his hand to enable the administration of his medication through the drip. My heart broke further, when after a week of admission, he started to convulse. I had never seen anything like that before. I cried and prayed while the doctor and nurses did water swap on him and gave him paracetamol injection to bring his temperature which was between 38 degrees and 39 degrees under control. This experience stretched my faith. You know, Faith that is not tested is not faith. Faith is what you do, how you comport yourself, what you say and think when things are not as they should be. I remember posting something on Facebook that got my friends and family, responding with words of encouragement. I would not forget how Salt Essien-Nelson, sent me a CD on a teaching based on Psalms 91. I listened to it over and over again, until I got my peace and confidence back. Thank you Salt Essien for that. And thank you for checking on Temitope until he was discharged from the hospital. My friends, God made way for our son to be healed and whole. This is one reason why I can’t stop Praising HIM.

God made way for our Accommodation
In the midst of this trying time, one evening my husband came to visit us with our daughter in the hospital. One glance at him and I knew something was up and he was waiting for the perfect time to share. Then He spilled it. He said our Landlady called and said she wants to use her house. He told me she wants us to vacate the apartment as soon as we exhausted the duration of our tenancy for the year. That meant we had, eight months to prepare for a new accommodation. But then, in my part of the world, relocating a family is not a child’s game. It involves a lot of financial and strategic planning. To make matters worse, the primary source of income in our home was under threat as the body language of most employers changed in response to the wave of recession. I knew I desperately needed God to give me a word for our situation. 

As I waited for a scripture, I was reminded of the cross over service of December 31st, 2009. My PreciousRuby and I attended (not yet married, still in courtship). As we wrote down our expectations for the New Year, and prayed for accommodation in the following year, so we could settle as husband and wife, God spoke these words to me, ‘Accommodation will never be a problem for you two.’ I remember writing this in my journal and sharing excitedly with Ruby. I was also reminded of how God blessed us with the accommodation we were now expected to relinquish. It was given to us, two years paid in advance. The lesson here is that it is imperative that we, like David, should recall our past testimonies and build our confidence in God no matter our situations. In 1 Samuel 17: 34-37, I hear David, say, ‘the God who helped me to kill the lion and the bear when they attacked my sheep, is able to deliver me from this uncircumcised Philistine.’ (Paraphrased).

As we continued in prayers, and also in planning for the new phase our family was about to get into, God spoke this words to my heart, ‘I will make a way where there seems to be no way.’ In another encounter, He explained to me, from Numbers 23:19, that, ‘when He says He will make a Way, He will because He is not a man that He should lie, neither the son of man that He should change His mind.’ With these words, our confidence in God was unshaken. We knew without a doubt that God will do what He said He will do.

The Way Maker did it Again!
In August, by faith, we wrote October 22, 2016, on our Vision Board, as the day we will move into our new accommodation. August was also that month where I experienced a terrible phase of depression, mood swings and became self-conscious. But God came through for me in my health and restored me. He made way for us, and we relocated on October 28th, 2016 into a new accommodation. This new housing came with a Job promotion for my PreciousRuby, Landlords who are serious believers, desperate to please the Lord. In summary, it is a better accommodation than the previous. When God gives you a word, you can go to the market with it. What do I mean? You can rely confidently on God’s word; it is a sure word of prophecy. We prayed with 1 Samuel 7: 10 for an accommodation and God gave us more than what we desired.

Count your blessings!
Count them, name them one by one, it will surprise you what the Lord has done. And of course, He has done great things. Some of these ‘things’ we take for granted. Like waking up each morning, going and coming back safely from work each day, food on your table, clothes to wear, being in the right frame of mind, breathing, having dreams in our hearts…

Life is one gift we can never thank God enough for. My friends, as  you already know, 2016, wraps up in a few days; maybe you are already set for 2017, but have you thanked God enough? Give Him the praise due to His name. Give Him unrestrained Praise.

Praise Him in the dance, in all that you do….

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar, I live a full life, and I am immensely thankful to God.

Self-Appraisal: Associations, Environment & Relationships

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While reflecting on 2016 in preparation for the New Year, a few thoughts have stuck with me. Waking up this morning, I had the following impressed on my heart as I did a quiet audit of God's faithfulness while lying down on the bed. It's 3: 37 am as I write this.

Associations are important 
Environment matters
Relationships are key

So, I'm asking myself,

'have you been careful to interpret the circumstances of your life within the framework of God’s purpose for you in 2016?'

'Have you represented God well in 2016?

'Have you been committed and diligent to your God-given assignments in 2016?'  

Only God can appraise me. If I tried, I would be too hard on myself and properly get myself into a mood. But taking about God-given assignments, I don’t think I have done all I was met to do for this blog, and I asked myself, why? What held me back?

Self-consciousness. I got to a place where I felt vulnerable, too afraid to share what was going on in my life because of the fear of being misunderstood. But the Lord gently reminded me yesterday, ‘it's not about you, it's about the lessons of your experiences and the hope that is rekindled in the heart of another when IDB stories are shared.’ 

Having experienced a terrible phase of depression in August, several hospital visits and updated medications, I really did not know where to start the story from. I sort of got into self-denial. Speaking with my physiologists made me realise that. I tried to pray, but I also knew a new season was about to be unfolded.

Sometimes, with depression comes the opportunity to see life differently. With depression comes the test of focus, and also the test of self-love. In what I would describe as a tough phase in my 2016 I have also experienced first-hand, that; 

1. Associations are important. The people we surround ourselves with on a daily basis can determine the dynamics of how we conduct ourselves. I found myself in some associations that made me walk on eggshells, some made me determined, others stretched me beyond my imagination and squeezed out the dominant juice that makes me, ‘me.' Our associations are important.

2. Environment matters. The relationship you keep determines your environment. And I agree with Daddy Showkey when he said in an interview on TVC's Your View, 'We learn by our associations.' He said he wasn't privileged of a formal education but learned a bit of English by his associations.  If you are constantly in an environment of fear, lack, want and depression, check the people in your life again. Ask yourself where is this toxic coming from and detoxify yourself or you move out to a safer space if you keep getting toxic as a result of these associations. That's one bitter truth I had to face this year.

Myself and My PreciousRuby,
two months after the wedding.
3. Relationships are key. In facing that painful truth, that environment matters and that my associations determine my environment, I have come to appreciate the relationships I have. First, being my relationship with God. Second, my relationship with my husband and then, the relationship with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.  In this, I have been reminded that God's love for me is constant. He does not give up on me. He disciplines me by His love. He keeps me by his love. And like that songwriter,  I can say, 'I love the way He fathers me.' My husband is my PreciousRuby,  the one who received grace to 'husband' me. Lol. I am grateful for his commitment and love, always looking out for my right, paying attention to details I would ordinary have overlooked. Family is everything. Even though we don't get to see eyeball to ball on every issue, they stand by me through thick and thin. Friends. If I go into friends, this post will be too long. But I have had friends like family that has made my journey easier. I have had colleagues who have challenged me to all round growth, and I have been blessed with a boss, Bidemi Mark-Mordi, who sees untapped potentials in me and makes investments to bring them to fore. Good relationships are not found on the surface. They are huge investment. Keep them well.

Till the next post, this is Precious wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year ahead.

My Name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I am grateful. I am one of the ones who has come to say THANK YOU. You have been so good to me. THANK YOU. For how you Father me, THANK YOU. For all the things you do, THANK YOU.

If you are constantly in an environment of fear, lack, want and depression, check the people in your life again. - Precious A. Emodamori

  • " ready to interpret the events and circumstances of your life within the framework of God’s purpose for your life.” - Bidemi Mark-Mordi , during the last Sista Power Gathering in the year 2015. She is a Life Coach, Publisher, and Author.
  • Your View is Television Continental's morning chat show hosted by five women of different backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences.
  • “Daddy Showkey is a veteran Nigerian gala singer. He was popular in Ajegunle in the late 1990s. He was born as John Asiemo but is known as Daddy Showkey…” Source: Wikipedia
  • 'The Way You Father Me' song by Elijah Oyelade