My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full Life.

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As I write this, it’s 7: 45 pm in Lagos, Nigeria. Hubby is on his way back from work, the children have just fallen asleep and I have had some time to myself to reflect on the activities of the past few weeks.

To start with, #ROTH2016, #TheBirthingStool (The Return of the Helper Conference) was awesome. It was one defining moment in my year. Talking about the year, it’s a few days to August, and earlier in the day, I kept thinking,"The months are rolling by so fast, what will I remember 2016 for? Will I be determined to focus on the good and discard the bad? Or will I hold on to the past success and not move on to what lies ahead? Will I allow the limitations of my circumstances to stop me? Will I give fear a place in my heart or allow faith to dominate my heart?"

In 2004, shortly after I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, I did a search on the internet to see if there was anyone in Nigeria who had been through what I was going through. I found one lady. I did a search recently and I still found her, only that she had updated her content, but one phrase remained constant: Imperfectly perfect… She says it like this: I am perfect, yet imperfect because of bipolar…’

The first time I came across the phrase I understood it, or perhaps I thought I did. In the past few weeks, I have been able to relate with that phrase, I am perfect, yet imperfect because of bipolar…’

But I won’t let the imperfect perfection of bipolar stop me. I won’t let those persistent thoughts that are untrue stop me. Neither will I settle for the lie that I am not good enough! I am Very Good. In Genesis 1:31, God looked at all that He had made and saw that it was Very Good. God’s love for me qualifies me for a full life. I am perfectly made and formed by my Maker and for His pleasure. And since the manufacturer has detailed knowledge about how His product will function, I’m determined to stick to His manual (the Bible).

So this post is actually a note to Self.
You are valuable. You are loved. You matter. You are formed in an intricate and fascinating way that enables you to deliver uncommon results in your area of gifting. And with a bipolar background or not, you rock! (Yes you do. Precious, you rock!)
I refuse to be silent about the things that matter. I refuse to give attention to distracting thoughts and accusing voices that have no base.
Christ Jesus died for me. I believe in Him. I believe in His amazing saving grace that has brought me this far. I am thankful to Him for medication and dedicated professionals who helped me and are helping so many out there who are managing bipolar or other forms of mental illnesses.

This is Precious saying don’t be silent. Speak up and get help. Don’t accept everything that the limitations and side effects of bipolar suggest to you. Be firm. Surround yourself with people who love and understand you, people who are committed to your success.  If you are not clear on any issue, approach them with the right attitude and they will listen to you, because they understand you. They know that you are a victor and not a victim. They know that the imperfections of bipolar do not define you. They know your value. They recognise that you are unique in a positive way. You are different. Bipolar should not define you!
My Support Team! This Picture illustrates how God's love perfects me

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full Life.

Lord, I am forever in awe of your love for mankind. Thank you for loving me. Your love perfects me. Your love gives me the wings to fly. Thank you for the way you formed me and for the things you have equipped me to accomplish. Thank you, Jesus!

Scriptural References:

Genesis 1:31 KJV
Psalm 139: 13-18 KJV

Are Nigerians really the happiest people or are we just good at masking our feelings and emotions?

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I have been away from this platform for too long. Way too long! And this has given me time to think about why I started blogging in the first place. In the process I got into a conversation with a colleague and somehow, we got talking about emotions and how people respond to their peculiar circumstances. As the conversation progressed, I was reminded about a lot of the thoughts I hold dear. Some of these thoughts I have shared on this platform in the past. So I pleaded with her to please put her perspective in pen and paper so that others can learn from it. So today's post is brought to you by Kofoworola Bada.
They say Nigerians are the happiest people in the world. Well that was some years ago, I don’t know if the statistics will still be the same. However, I doubt that Nigerians were or are really the happiest people in the world. 

What is our definition of happy? Is it just going about smiling? Is it the ability to laugh easily? Is it absent of complains? Many people are just managing to get by under so much stress, economic downturn, unending traffic gridlock, incessant power outage, to say the least. Many Nigerians are walking on the street today looking perfectly happy and perfectly okay, but in reality, how many of them are truly happy and perfectly okay?

Stress is a major factor that many people tend to overlook and in the long run can lead to a mental breakdown. Different people have different coping mechanisms for stress but it gets to a point where your coping mechanism may become ineffective. That is why sometimes you hear of something ridiculous that someone did and you can’t just understand because the person looked happy and okay to you. If looking happy and smiling was all there was to truly being happy, someone like Robin Williams wouldn’t have committed suicide. But Robin Williams is not my focus today, besides he’s not a Nigerian.

A lot of Nigerians commit suicide that we don’t get to hear or read about and if you ask their family members or people who were close to them, they probably didn’t exhibit any symptom of being unhappy or being depressed or being mentally stressed out. When people have a mental breakdown, it’s not something that just occurred out of the blues, it's a process. Little by little, their coping mechanisms begin to wear out and before you know it, there’s a major breakdown or display of emotions to the extreme.

When mental health is mentioned in Nigeria, a lot of people don’t want to be associated with that topic because in our own understanding, mental health is synonymous with insanity. But that is what a lack of knowledge can cause. And because people are good at masking how they really feel for personal reasons, nobody really knows if the situation is one that requires urgent attention.

We need to be on the lookout for people around us. For instance, if you have someone who’s constantly moody and gets to snap easily at every little thing, that might be a sign of a bigger issue the person is dealing with. Even someone that is constantly happy and laughing and smiling may be dealing with a bigger issue that needs some digging to unravel.
So are Nigerians really the happiest people or are we just good at masking our feelings and emotions? We need to be able to identify our emotions and realise when it’s tending towards the extreme. That’s where emotional intelligence comes in.


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