Stop Bipolar Stigma!

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As the world celebrates International Bipolar Day today, I am humbled by the lives that have been impacted by this initiative. I am thankful because there is hope: 
the world is waking up to the realisation, that,
 'being diagnosed bi-polar is not a license to self-pity!' 
Here's an except from the introductory post to the blog, 'I Dare To Blossom'

"Several lives, families, communities and even nations have missed out on the wealth and value of highly talented, resourceful individuals, who had the potential to be problem solvers. Often times, a simple diagnosis that affirms that an individual is bi- polar could be the beginning of a ‘vote of no confidence’, and a display of actions that signal stigma. According to Bipolar Disorders Clinic, Bipolar is also “known as manic depressive illness and is characterized by severe and disabling highs (mania) and lows (depression)”. It goes on to say, “This illness typically begins in adolescence or early adulthood and continues throughout life, with 80% of patients experiencing multiple manic episodes and 15% ending their lives in suicide”.

My name is Precious. I was diagnosed bi-polar in 2003. I have been through, and seen in the lives of others, the ups and downs of bi-polar. It all brought me to a place of choice. I chose to blossom and come what may, I will blossom."


My Name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a Full Life

World Bipolar Day Celebration is an initiative of International Bipolar Foundation
Log on to to learn more about Bipolar and March 30th's International Bipolar Day Celebration.

International Bipolar Day Celebration.

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March 30th on my mind. I'm reflecting on ‪#‎BipolarInNigeria‬, ‪#‎MyExperiences‬, the stigma, the misconceptions.

Log on to to learn more about Bipolar and March 30th's International Bipolar Day Celebration.

Are you a Nigerian who is faced with the challenges of Bipolar? Would you want to share your personal experience of bipolar or your experience as a caregiver to a person diagnosed with bipolar?

If yes, please send your story to and take advantage of this call to action by International Bipolar Foundation.

Thank you.

My Name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a Full Life

Don’t Allow Your Heart to Wander in Hopelessness!

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Have you ever caught yourself in the nick of time, imagining situations, creating a scene or a scenario in your mind’s eyes? Oftentimes, in this scenario, you may be the champion or the opponent, and in this space you have control over what everyone says and does in your mind’s eye. Sometimes, unknown to you, you smile or frown in the process, and when you hear someone who may have been observing you say, ‘what’s the matter with you?’ Are you okay?’ the usual reply would be, I am fine. If the person is like me, he or she would still ask, ‘are you sure you are okay? I mean, I just saw you smiling and also frowning all by yourself….’ Then, at that moment you realise that you have allowed your thoughts to be expressed in a way you yourself cannot explain!

One sad feature of persons who allow their heart to wander in hopelessness is the ability to think and nurture negative thoughts to justify the hopelessness in their hearts. Natasha Tracy, in her article, ‘The Hopelessness of Bad Bipolar Days’ affirms that, “…when one wakes up plagued singularly by thoughts of suicide one is likely to feel an abandonment of hope and faith…”

Contrary to what we think or would want to believe, God’s word provides a model of what our thoughts should reflect. In Jeremiah 29:11 King James Version (KJV), we hear the LORD say,

“ For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

Are your thoughts peaceful? Are they peaceful in terms of ‘peace like the rivers… talked about in Isaiah 48:18

“O that thou hadst hearkened to my commandments! then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea:…”

If we make the LORD our commander in Chief, and carry out His instructions for our lives, our peace will be as a river…. Endless, effortless, pure, sustaining life! Or aren’t these part of the attributes of a river? Can you see the peace that is being extended to us, if we hear and act on God’s commands?

Are your thoughts peaceful like ‘thoughts of peace’? To cultivate and nurture peaceful thoughts we have to be submitted to the process of being taught by the Lord. Isaiah 54:13.

Are you teachable? What have you learnt from your past experiences? What are you learning from the experiences of today? Do you in every way see God in your circumstances? Humorously, a friend of mine asked me recently, when he noticed my move to go out despite the rain drops, “Do you want to go in the rain?” My reply was, “Yes, because, I have to.  Moreover, it is only the living that can feel the rain drops on their skin, or get their clothes soaked as a result!”  (Laughing)

 Now, on a thoughtful note, do you trust Him to carry you through? Personally, this is the only way I know to live, seeing God in everything and trusting Him for everything!

”Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee”. Isaiah 26:3

If there is a perfect peace, then know that, there will also be imperfect peace.

Only you can determine if the peace you have is the perfect peace from the Prince of Peace or the Imperfect peace from the prince of this world!

Please invest in peaceful thoughts, stop burning your energy in evil thoughts!  The thoughts in our hearts are usually the foundation for everything we do and become.

Let your mind be ‘stayed’ on Him, Trust God with your life; He cannot mismanage your life!

My take today is, I will choose wisely, I will take the perfect Peace from the Prince of Peace and receive a unique ability to think peaceful thoughts, so that my choices and actions will be peaceful. What about you? After all is said, may we have peaceful lives, homes, and societies.

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar, and I live a full life

Heavenly Father, keep me in your perfect peace, do not allow my mind wander away from you, give me more grace to trust in you every step on the way in this journey of life, in Jesus name, Amen. Isaiah 26:3

Scripture on Prince of peace: Isaiah 9: 11
Scripture on prince of darkness: John 14:30, Ephesians 6:12, Ephesians 5:11
Isaiah 26:3, 54: 13, Isaiah 48:18, Jeremiah 29: 11, 
The Hopelessness of Bad Bipolar Days by Natasha Tracy

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International Women's Day Celebration

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Here's a little Poem for Women! You can share with your wife, sister, mother, and all the women in your life!

She wakes up at odd hours of the day
To ensure her duties are executed with precision
She, regardless of her age knows, 
and understands that she is a woman
A woman, not a girl!
A woman who has heaven’s backing
And a unique ability to do so much
To accomplish great fits
To ensure that the world around her is a better place
So why do you think she doesn’t deserve a day kept aside to celebrate her?

To all the women of the world, whose sacrifices ear may not hear, and hearts may not understand. To ensure that good comes to all around her, I want to say, God sees you! Today, I join the world to celebrate you! 

Happy International Women’s Day

My Name Is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life

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It will come together for a greater good eventually!

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For some people life is good. For some other, life is a fairy tale, for yet another, life seems difficult, in my part of the world, in the local parlance, this will translate as, ‘life na wha!’ How do you see life?

Every day we define life by our experiences. Very few of us make the effort to seek the right counsel on life and its issues from The Life Maker.

How we define life is a direct function of how and what we attribute life events to.

In the midst of the ‘ups and downs’, the ‘feel so excited and feel melancholy’, the ‘feel indifference’, that often makes us feel like misfits, know that your circumstances will not change until like I said in the last post, you ‘make a choice to be happy’.

To make an informed choice to be happy, you have to understand how you get depressed and how you express it. You have to understand why in the first place you get depressed and what triggers depression for you.

Sometimes even when we try so hard, we find that we can’t always influence the outcome of the people and circumstances around us to our own advantage, but if you are a believer, you will agree with me that when we pray with our hope on God, our situations begin to undergo a process which at the beginning may not seem pleasant but at the end we are at advantage, and find ourselves in a better place.

That process is what I like to write about today. I observed that in Ezekiel 37:7,

“So I prophesised as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and Behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone.”

The question, ‘How do you see life?’ is asked daily in different ways. God expects us to prophesy to our situations, to say what we desire, to speak life not death into our peculiar circumstances! What could be as dead as a dry bone? Yet, Ezekiel obeyed the command to ‘prophesy’ to announce life to the circumstances around him.

Our peculiar circumstances are not different from the dry bones talked about in the chapter of scriptures. Note that in verse 3, the LORD ask Ezekiel,

“Son of man, can these bones live?”

I may not be able to understand the gravity of the situation you may be faced with or the agony in your heart over life events, but I am convinced in the LORD, that if the bones that are described in verse 2 as “...very dry”, and yet in verse 7, we see that, “the bones came together, bone to his bone then be rest assured that the misfit you find yourself will come together for a greater good eventually!

Know that what you say or prophesy over life circumstances matter. Please commit to speaking life, not death to your circumstances. The details of the circumstances may be obvious, still speak life. I draw a lot of inspiration on prophesying life over my circumstances from my native name Oghenevwunuma’, which literally means, ‘God created the world with the words of His mouth’.

We create our world with the words we speak! As a result I decided a long time ago to always speak life regard less of the noise around me!

Yes noise! I like to describe life events that tend to distort our peace as noise.
Verse 7b of Ezekiel 37,

...and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and Behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone.”

I can’t help but smile as I write this. You know how you will be faced with a situation and you are praying, taking the right steps in the right directions to ensure you are kept out of harm’s way? But then, it looks like the more you pray, the more you try to keep your own part of the deal, the more you do not understand what is going on?

Friend, cheer up! It’s just the noise phrase you are in. Don’t stop prophesying life over your circumstances, don’t stop doing good. Don’t lose your hope in God! After the NOISE comes the SHAKING, eventually, events will come together that will shape your circumstances and deliver your expectation in accordance with God’s will for that circumstance!

Do you like me wonder why the word ‘Behold’ starts with a capital letter despite being in the middle of a sentence? I believe it is to draw our attention to,

look out for what God is doing underneath the surface of the shaking.

I believe ‘Behold’ is suggesting that we should look again and carefully at our circumstances and define it by God’s standard so that eventually we can see an arrangement of situations for our good, a coming together effect...

My Name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full Life

Heavenly Father, let the dry bones in my life hear your Word and let there be a coming together effect in my favour in Jesus Name, Amen. Ezekiel 37:4

Ezekiel Chapter 37 (King James Version of the Bible)
Na wha! A pidgin English expression for describing a difficult situation

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