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In the last semester of my final year in the university, I had a relapse.

 I was preparing for my final exams then and if you have had one or know anyone who has; you will realize the gravity of the situation. It meant I had to be admitted into the hospital for treatment; I had to learn how to relate with friends, family without the low self-esteem and complexity that marks the recovering process of persons dealing with emotional issues. Believe me, dear reader, it was not easy!

While praying frantically to God and pleading with the doctors to let me go back to school, I realized that it would require a miracle for me to graduate that year with my mates. The doctors were of the opinion that I had exceeded my stress level so I had to be confined in the hospital to ensure that I get proper rest.

Well, God did perform that miracle! I have since come to terms with the fact that each one of us needs a support system. It could be a collection of people, events and scenarios that adds up to propel you to be the best that you can be.

In my case, I had a mutual friend who noticed I was absent from lectures almost all semester and made it her business to investigate my absence. So when I finally got back on campus she did pull all strings to see that I graduated with my peers, God must have seen the love in her heart because thanks to a national ASSU strike, I was able to invest quality time studying what I missed, sat for my exams and graduated that same year with my mates- a miracle right? Yes it was a miracle!

It’s been 6 years after, and I still draw strength from my support team. Its members have changed a few times depending largely on the needs for each season I find myself, but some of them are in my life for the long hull and I know.

Permit me to say a big thank you to all of you for your passionate love and prayers for me. My thanks also go to you, reading this, for being part of my support team.

Deliberately make efforts to identify your support team or start building one in the absence of none. I am of the opinion that one’s support team refers to one’s circle of influence. Please note however, that a support team will strive on relationships that are characterized with mutual love and respect for the persons involved.

In all you do, do not forget your motive for a support team which is to be the  best that you can be, because life deserves your best!

I lift up my eyes to the Hills, my help comes from the LORD, the maker of Heaven and Earth...- Psalm 121: 1 - 4.

Kindly Remember
·        That you have to take your medication(s) as prescribed by the doctors
·        That you don’t have to avoid your appointments with your physician.
·        That you have to rest well, eat healthy, exercise safely, and avoid stress.
·        That you can pray over your medications that; they will work perfectly for you without side effects.
·        That you can pray to God to perfect all that concerns your mental health.

My name is Precious, I was Bi-polar, and I live a full life

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The Telephone Conversation

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You will agree with me that developing stable relationship requires a lot of hard work. ‘Bipolar manifesto’, an online blog on bipolar disorder, puts it this way, “preserving relationships with people we care about requires sacrifice, effort and understanding from all the involved parties”

Your ability to communicate effectively will naturally improve your relationships, one way to achieve this is by mastering the art of conversation. Whether, it’s between spouses, peers, siblings, parent-child relationship or our relationship with God, learning to have meaningful conversations is important.

Being in a relationship where the communication lines are severed can be frustrating! I easily related with that feeling recently, when my two phone batteries went dead. I observed that even though I had connected them to power source for charging, both phones were not charging. In an attempt to improvise and find a way around the situation, I went in search of an old phone I had not used in about a year.

While this old phone had the ability to respond to the power source, I did not know it had lost the ability to make meaningful and satisfactory conversations. In my ignorance, I went ahead and recharged this phone with air time and started the business of the day. Half way through the call, I discovered that I could hear the person on the other side, but the person could not hear me!

The routine was “hello? Hello? I can hear you please keep talking…” then the call ends. I kept wishing the person will just keep talking, so I can get the message and respond back in a text message- how erroneous was my thinking! I had to find a more effective way to resolve the issue on ground.

The experience reminded me of those times when I get on my kneels to pray. While talking to God, I sometimes feel he may not be hearing me, so often times I find myself repeating sentences, while waiting expectantly for a word of confirmation, answer or discipline from HIM. Sometimes, I get it, other times I just round up the prayers, still feeling if I pray well next time I might get the answer. Eventually, God provides the answer when I least expected.

Most times, we go into prayer which basically is dialoging with God, with the wrong expectations. God always hears us; the fact that you did not hear him speak back to you does not mean he has not spoken. Unlike me in my telephone experience, he may be saying to you, “Hello child, keep speaking, I can hear your clearly, I understand the cry of your heart, and am committed to sorting things out in your favor”

God speaks to each of us in ways peculiar and unique to us; in ways he knows we can understand. It could be through an audible voice, an event, a conversation, a book, a conflict, an affliction, nature itself, etc. It is your duty to discover how God speaks to you, start by observing how he speaks to you in little things like what dress to wear or whether to go out with an umbrella or not; you will be amazed what you will discover. (Please read Joyce Meyers’ book: Hearing God’s voice).

Dealing with your emotions and managing your relationships will be easier if you can communicate effectively with your support team and with God in prayers, because after all is been said and done He’s the one who understands you inside out and regardless of where you are now , He wants you to be the  best that you can be.

Joyce Meyer- Hearing God’s Voice
Matthew 6:6-8

Heavenly Father, Your word says “when” we pray not “If” we pray. I ask that you will give me grace to always come to you in prayer and faith, convinced that I have a friend in Jesus, Who will always be there for me.

My name is Precious, I was Bi-polar, and I live a full life
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A Few Things as you Transit

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“Lord, please like the little boy, cross me over to the other side…!” That was the prayer I made in my last post . Now I feel that peace in my heart, I know for sure, God has answered that prayer (smiling to myself).
Remember, I said in my last post, that I needed to do a reflective thinking on my life to help me put things in proper perspective. Today, in an unusually calm conversation with my superior who I highly regard as a mentor, I have come to realise a few things.

1.     If you will hang on a little longer, things can shape up
Often times for the emotional person, the first instinct is to run away when faced with a challenging situation. Most times, I just coil up into my Shell like a snail or tortoise that senses danger. Living this way will not unleash the greatness in you.

Find out what makes up the challenge and like a woman who is eager to cook, separate the parts of the challenge and deal with it one by one. Each part of the situation will require a different response from you. Maybe all you need is to talk things through with someone, put a call through to some other person, adjust your lifestyle, create more value for yourself, just to mention a few.

In a nutshell, you will discover that the longer you muse over the situation, not worrying or nagging, the easier to deal with it, because you will become receptive to innovative thinking.

2.     Think
Thinking is not harmful to you if it is productive and result oriented. Thinking with fear, worry and without a result orientation will only lead to nagging. This is not helpful for the emotional person. Think possibilities and creativity.

The Holy Book says, “... whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8 NIV)

Invest time to study yourself and how you think (your thought trail). What inspires you? What depresses you? Talking about how to generate inspirational thoughts, I recently discovered that most of my inspirational or laudable thoughts comes when am engaged in a constructive conversation.

3.     Fear
Yes! That four lettered word we deal with daily in different capacity and varying propositions. Earlier on, I wrote on ‘What kind of fear do you have?’ I quickly want to remind you that, there is a need for you to be sincere with yourself and identify what kind of fear you have. Next, you have to take practical steps to discard that fear syndrome. For me, talking over my fears with God is non-negotiable.

I also share them with a trusted confidant; then I take actions that can empower me to overcome my fear. For example, if my fear is ‘will people accept me for who I am?’
 Step: I accept and love me the way I am. I make sure I don’t pretend around people so they can see through my honesty and make their judgements.

If my fear is lack of funds for a dream, I make sure I prayerfully put my brain to work to see how to generate the money... and so on!

God’s word indicates that fear has torment and he that fears is not made perfect in Love. I John 4:18. In my opinion, fear cripples initiatives. This brings me to the next point.

4.     Take Initiative
 When I hear initiative, what comes to my mind are the options, ideas available in a given circumstance. It could be a way forward out of an ugly situation. Don’t let the size of your initiative scare you into no performance. Break your initiative into smaller units of ideas that are practicable.

Like my superior who I highly regard would say “ideas are meant to be refined”

As I conclude this piece, I am in the waiting room of an organisation, waiting to see someone, I realise that if I had waited till I got home, I would never have written this because I would have stopped myself. The only person that can stop you is you.

Don’t limit your abilities.

Heavenly Father, I commit my steps to you, order them according to your will, I believe that my times are in your hands, and your thoughts for me are thoughts of peace to give me an expected end in Jesus Name, Amen. – Psalm 31:3;14 – 15a.

Kindly Remember
·        That you have to take your medication(s) as prescribed by the doctors
·        That you don’t have to avoid your appointments with your physician.
·        That you have to rest well, eat healthy, exercise safely, and avoid stress.
·        That you can pray over your medications that; they will work perfectly for you without side effects.
·        That you can pray to God to perfect all that concerns your mental health.

My name is Precious, I was Bi-polar, and I live a full life
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Transitions are inevitable

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Here I am again, slowing entering into my shell because I feel very hurt, disappointed in myself, guilt seems to be catching up with me and all I can do is blame myself for the way I feel...!

This morning, as I walked down to the office where I work, it occurred to me that I needed to do a reflective thinking on my life, I believe this will help me put things in proper perspective. Things for me include the present indiscipline in my relationship with God which is creeping fast into my other significant relationships.

As much as I know am particularly prone to exhibiting high emotions, as a result of a history of Bi- Polar, I know it’s no excuse for me to live my life on the side effects of an overly emotional person. I know I have God, my heavenly farther to relate with, if I want to maintain relevance with what is relevant in life.

I’m quick to recall an experience I had recently, I was walking by a primary school building engrossed in my own thoughts. I was jerked back to consciousness when I heard the voice of a young boy between the ages of six or seven years, say:  “please ma, can you cross me over to the other side of the road?” He wanted me to hold his hand and cross him to the other side of the road to avoid being knocked down by a fast moving vehicle.

As I held his hand and crossed him confidently to the other side, I muttered a prayer in my heart, ‘Lord please, like this little boy, cross me over to the other side, take me to the next phase, I need your help, am confused and cannot help myself, please come through for me Lord’.

I heard a reply, “but you have to be teachable, willing to trust and follow when you put your hand in my hand expecting me to cross you over. Are you ready to do that?”
I know I like to do that, but being ready for me, means being disciplined to follow through with instructions as God leads!

Please my dear friend, I don’t know the state of your emotions today or how you feel about the situation you find yourself in now. Maybe you can identify with the way I feel or maybe not. But please, before you accuse yourself or anyone for your state of mind or happenings in your life, do reflect on your actions lately, are they productive? Make up your mind to realign to what is productive; this will make your transition into your next phrase tangible.

Heavenly Father, I come to you just as I am, lead me in the way I should go and give me your rest in Jesus Name, Amen. (Isaiah 48:17 – 18, Matthew : 11: 28 – 30)

My name is Precious, I was Bi-polar, and I live a full life

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What kind of fear do you have?

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The conversation was getting heated. I knew I had to stop talking soon to maintain my sanity, but I just could not help thinking that my sister, in my own opinion had a huge misconception about marriage. We were discussing on submission in marriage; yes I know it’s a delicate topic!

I am of the opinion that if a woman does not put her trust in God completely, she cannot confidently trust in her husband, ask Mama Sarah in Genesis 20. I was telling my sister,"don’t expect your husband to be what only God can be to you, don’t expect the love, security, provision, protection, comfort, assurance, etc., that only God can give you from him".

In other words, a husband receives relevance from God to be able to fulfill his roles. I could see that my conversation was making my sister upset and worried, I was beginning to get upset with the look in her eyes. Her argument was that “you cannot live your life based on the approval of a mortal man like yourself, that one day he could disappoint you and you would be left broken and emotionally drained”. She felt it was better to submit cautiously! Phew! That was it. I had heard enough, I thought to myself. I gently reminded her of what the bible had to say on submission (1 Peter 3:5).

This conversation kept replaying in my head, I kept asking myself, and why in heaven’s name will anyone want to marry a man she cannot submit to without fearing what the future with him will be like? I am quick to recall that, perfect love cast out fear, but that does not negates the fact that many of us are living with different kinds of fear.

You have to live life purposely, intentionally exercising your trust in God not your fate in your head knowledge of the situations around you now.

 I had the fear of never living the life God would have me live, graduating from the university, getting someone to love me enough to consider marriage, having children, if the society will still accept me when they hear my stories on bi-polar, just to say a few. reports that one of the major fear of persons diagnosed with bi-polar is stigma; majority of this category fear rejection and the risk of being misunderstood from the society if they reveal their mental health status, thus depriving them of vital opportunities to utilize their potentials.

Truly, I have come to realize
1.    That fear is false evidence appearing true. What you always need is the truth and not the fear about the situation, so stick to the truth. Truth is what God has said concerning who you are, where you are and what you are going through now.

2.    That my brain is too small to organize my life, giving God controlling interest in my life will set me apart.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank You because You have not given me the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Father, I choose to work in the light of this gift, so help me lord, in Jesus Name, Amen
See also, 2 Timothy 1:7; Proverbs 3:3-5

"Martin Luther Had A Wife"..By William J. Peterson.
Ruth Graham (I don't expect your husband...)

Kindly Remember
·        That you have to take your medication(s) as prescribed by the doctors
·        That you don’t have to avoid your appointments with your physician.
·        That you have to rest well, eat healthy, exercise safely, and avoid stress.
·        That you can pray over your medications that; they will work perfectly for you without side effects.
·        That you can pray to God to perfect all that concerns your mental health.

My name is Precious, I was Bi-polar, and I live a full life
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